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Every amusement ride or attraction, whether fixed or traveling, that operates in Pennsylvania must be registered with the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture and inspected on a regular basis.

Look for the ride registration plate on each ride or attraction to make sure it is registered with the state. If you don’t see it, ask the ride operator to let you look at it.

Every amusement ride or attraction is inspected by a qualified inspector before it opens. Follow-up inspections occur at least once every 30 days and each time a ride or attraction is set up for operation at a new location, although common practice is for operators to inspect their equipment daily.

Ride operators must keep a copy of the most recent inspection report with the ride or attraction. Operators send inspection reports to the department, which maintains all inspection reports.

The most recent inspection report for a particular ride or attraction can be found onsite at the ride or attraction, and will be available online within several days of the inspection after it’s reviewed and processed.

Questions on ride registrations, ride inspections and the PA Rides and Amusement search can be directed to the department’s Bureau of Ride and Measurement Standards from Monday through Friday (from 8 a.m. through 4 p.m.) at 717-787-2291 or anytime by e-mail to

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